Sunday, August 29, 2010

Take me out to the ball game...

While my daughter was in San Diego for a visit from Philadelphia, we took advantage of the fact that the Phillies were playing the Padres and went to a game.  My grandkids got all dudded up in their Phillies gear and patiently waited to go to the game.

We decided to take the train for some added ambiance.  The kids were excited to go for a train ride:)

Once on the train, they had fun looking out the window...for about 15 minutes (of a 45 minute ride, lol)...

It certainly was a BEATIFUL day for a game!  We had great seats right above the Phillies dugout...AND in the shade...whoo hoo!

Amanda (my daughter) and Jayden (my grandson) watching the game.

Dominic (my grandson) is also watching the game.

Alayna (my granddaugter) was more interested in getting her picture taken:)  All in all, they did fine...AFTER they had snacks and hotdogs and snacks and drinks and more snacks...the only thing the didn't get was the cotton candy, lol!

A good time was had by all:)


Still getting caught up:)

Back in May (Mother's Day to be exact), my hubbie and I went to an event in dt SD called Gator by the Bay.  My granddaughter had won tickets to this event last year while she was visiting over Thanksgiving week.  This was alot of fun and gave me some awesome opportunities to practice my depth of field.  I have grown to LOVE this technique, and take MANY pictures this way, lol...

This was simply a picture of some beads they were selling at the event.  Of course, this event had a New Orleans kind of feel, so there were many bright and interesting colors to use as the subjects of my photos.

Here is another photo where I practiced on the "mid" depth of field.  I love the way the objects closest to my lens are out of focus as well as the objects furthest from my lens.  I just LOVE all this texture!

This foto doesn't display the depth of field as much, but I LOVE all the texture in this photo!


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ok, I'm on a roll...

I've played around with my blog a bit today, but know it's not ANYWHERE near the way I envision it to be when it's done...guess I need to take some "blog creating" classes or something, lol...

I did, however, have a little time to upload a few more fotos that I took during my "field trip" to LA with Distant Lands back in June...yeah, yeah...I know it's over 2 months later and I'm just getting to these...

The pic of the Humming Bird was taken at the Union Station courtyard and the Bee on Daisy pic was taken in a little garden at the Disney Concert Hall.

This newstand pic was taken near Broadway and 3rd st.  I reminded me of NYC but is in LA...some "city sites" never change, lol...


Frugal Fotos Field Trip:)

Wow!!!!  What a whirlwind this has been!  I start what I think is going to be this AMAZING new venture into my "frugal" world of Fotography...and low and behold, I find myself back into my "original" career in about a 180 degree shift!

I definitely haven't forgotten about my love of all things this case, "Frugal Fotos" I was bound and determined to get this back on track:)

Now, I HAVE still been taking some AMAZING fotographs, I just haven't had much time for organizing and getting them loaded onto this site:(

Well, as they say, the time has get my rear in gear and get some fresh frugal fotos out here to share with you all:)

I'd like to start with some random photos I took on a recent (and kind of spontaneous trip) to Pasadena...well maybe the trip wasn't so spontaneous, but the side trip taken once there was...I happened to find a little "field trip" that was offered by this really cute little store in Pasadena called Distant Lands.  They were hopping on the Metro, heading to downtown LA and walking to different areas to take fotos...some indoor, some outdoor, some new subject matter, some was a BLAST!

Here are just a few of the pics I took while on this field trip:

Both of these were taken in the courtyard of Union I was working with these fotos, I, wouldn't it be really cool to create a book with this type of fotos...and use it as kind of a "seek and find"...set people out on a scavenger hunt, with a "map", "hints" and these pictures...their find them and take their own pictures of each subject...using their "eye" for fotography as their guide...SO MANY IDEAS...SO LITTLE TIME, lol...

Well, enJOY!  Can't wait to add some more samples of our field trip!