Friday, September 17, 2010

A few more wedding fotos:)

A very PROUD Mom with her very handsome son...This picture was taken at a little park by the beach in Laguna Beach.  I LOVE this photo!

The 3 amigos...From left to right, my grandson Dominic (the ring bearer), my grandson Jayden, and my sister's grandson Blake.  These 3 boys don't see each other all the time, but when they do, they just pick up where they left off...definitely "best buds".

Dan and Stephanie dancing at the reception...they look SO HAPPY and SO IN LOVE:)

I certainly took advantage of getting some great pics of Dan and Stephanie's not often you can get Dan to dance....Is that Dan singing to his beautiful new wife, too?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The second "wedding" foto I've had time to post...

Well, there are still house guests to keep me busy, so I haven't had much postin' time lately.  I'll catch up later, but wanted to post another pic from the daughter AND granddaughter...the apple didn't fall far from the tree here, did it?

Alayna, who is my son Dan and Stephanie's goddaughter was a jr bridesmaid and my daughter, Amanda was a bridesmaid in the wedding.

Can't wait to get more awesome pics posted:)

Movin' on the east side...of the trax, that is...

The view we will leave we move over to the other side of the trax, this is the view we will leave's been "our" view for almost 4 years now...the one we LOVE...the only thing between the lagoon and the ocean is the 101, a thin strip of land with the coastal road running through it...{sigh...}

Our new you can see, we have the pool, then the lagoon, then the train tracks (home to the Coaster and Amtrak), then more of the lagoon....and then, finally the ocean...{sigh...}

As they say, all good things must end...BUT our new condo is also AWESOME!  It will be another 1/4 mile to the beach, but is newer, comes with a BRAND NEW front loading washer and dryer, central air (not like we need it out here, though), easy access to the pool from right off of our deck....actually, it's a VERY NICE place:)

We sign the new lease on Thursday...Happy Trails to us...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Here comes the bride...

I am very excited to post the first (of many) frugal fotos of my son and his beautiful new wife.  As soon as the "dust" settles from the wedding (still busy with family visits), I will honker down and get an entire album posted here.  I LOVED taking fotos of the wedding but realized that when you are the mother of the groom, you are in so many of them yourself that you DO miss some amazing pic opportunities...being a new venture for me (wanting to get into fotography), it's hard to allow myself to BE IN pic's since I always want to take I do travel with my "trusty" tripod, but there was DEFINITELY no time for setting up while the pics were being taken on the day of the wedding:(...sometimes ya just need to let others give you pics THEY took, too....{sigh}...


A VERY PROUD and HAPPY Frugal Fotographer:)