Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Magic of the 2010 Season

Our annual trip to see Santa went without a hitch...well ALMOST without a hitch...this year was Alex's year to NOT be happy to see I'm limited to sharing a foto of Dominic and Shane this year...ADORABLE!

The joy in those little eyes never ceases to amaze me!

Merry Christmas to all!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Just a few random fotos...

So, I've been playing around with some of the special effects in Photoshop.  I can't believe it's been over a year since I took (AND got an "A") in my Photoshop I took at MiraCosta College.  I've realized it's VERY important to keep using the system so I don't forget what I've learned (well actually, I know I've forgotten some of it already), but I feel much more comfortable playing around with all of the effects.

Below is a foto I took with my new Tamaron lens.  It's a 60mm lens that is absolutely AWESOME!  In this foto, I was able to focus on the butterfly on the flower with my new lens without having to be right "on top" of the butterfly.

In Photoshop, I played around a bit and ended up changing the foto to b & w and using a halftone effect on it.  I really like the way this effect gave extra emphasis to the butterfly.

I took the foto below in our development.  I caught this flower (I'll have to look it up) as I was passing by, and am very glad I took a picture of it.  I just love the way it turned out.  I worked with quite a few effects in Photoshop, actually too many to remember, lol...but I do love the results!

The foto below is another of my favorites of my walk (last weekend).  I just LOVE the way this lens lets me play with depth of field...I have found I really LOVE photos that have areas is focus while others are blurred.  I did sharpen this photo up a bit in Photoshop, but other than that, it's a raw foto.


Lori McCausland, Frugal Fotographer:)

A day in a Legoland:)

I just LOVE taking my grandkids to Legoland.  I finally bought myself an annual pass since I know I'll make good use of it!  I've already been to Legoland 4 times since I bought the pass and for anyone that knows me, I'm totally thrilled with the GREAT BARGAIN this is turning out to be!

I just LOVE this foto below of the boys (Dominic and Shane) running toward Legoland's entrance.  The movement exuded in this foto really relays the excitement of the day.

I have also found that I just LOVE to take fotos on an not all of my fotos turn out and I'm still tryin' to work out the details of when it works, how to angle the foto, and how to best fill the frame.

This is one of those that I think turned out perfectly.  Whoo hoo!!!  As they say, PRACTICE makes PERFECT:)

I also caught a couple of great fotos of the boys on rides.  Dominic has come SO FAR with this ride below.  I can remember the first time he rode in these cars when he was three and the poor little guy just didn't know what to do...but now????...he just whizzes around like a pro!

I was lucky enough to capture a few great pictures of Billy (Pop Pop) with the boys on some rides.  You can just see the excitement in the boys' eyes...and I'm sure Pop Pop was having a great time, too:)

Well, friends...I'm off to "play" with my camera again and take some more AWESOME Frugal Fotos!