Monday, April 12, 2010

My First Frugal Fotos by Lori Album

My first Frugal Fotos photo shoot was with my friend's 3 girls.  We went to the beach and had a blast taking these photos.  In all I took 135 frugal fotos.  These are some of my favorites.

Sasha, Emily, and Haley


Your Friendly Frugal Fotografer:)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

...and then Frugal Fotos was Born...

I began my "frugal scrapping" career about 10 years ago, and although I LOVE frugal scrappin' and all it has to offer, I realized that "at the end of the day", my fotos were always the STAR of my pages. 

Being an "emotional" scrapbooker, I have been blessed with the ability to capture LOADS of EMOTION in my fotos.  My passion for fotography has given me SOOOOO much happiness, and I wanted to share this happiness with my family and friends. first, don't get me wrong...I still have my first Minolta camera and LOVE it....but now may be a good time to reveal one of many personality traits I'm not so proud of....I have no PATIENCE, lol!  This means, I had trouble waiting for my fotos to get printed so I could see if they turned out the way I'd expected:(...and I do have to say, I've had PLENTY of fotos that did not turn out the way I'd planned....hmph!

Ok, ok, I digress...back to ENTER digital fotography...every time I take a foto AND can see it AND can retake it if necessary, I want to find that person who invented digital fotography and give them a HUGE high five!  Oh, did I tell you I am ridiculously (and sometimes embarrassingly) hooked on all things FRUGAL????

Other than the HUGE price tag that originally came with a digital camera, saving all those funds on film and printed fotos that just didn't do the trick is VERY FRUGAL...whoo hoo!

So now I take my first digital photography class AND I buy my first DSLR camera...and I'm hooked now, more than ever!  Can we give that another whoo hoo!!!!

So I start taking fotos of EVERYTHING...I can store them on my external hard drive, ok, ok, I have gotten to the point where I don't feel the need to print EVERY foto I take...that being said, I still think you should SAVE most of never know when you may need them, right?  Personally, I only print the ones I want to share with others through my frugal scrapbooks or larger photos that I hang in my home or give as gifts.  There are just SO many avenues to use for printing  fotos, that I never go to studios any studios play an IMPORTANT role, but since I like more natural fotos, I migrate to the BIG OUTDOORS for my foto shoots.

Ok, now I'm finally getting to the meaning for this blog post...I started getting compliments on my ability to take AMAZING fotos, and have been asked to take fotos for other people which I am very happy to do...then I have a very kind person who INSISTS on paying me for my time, also telling me that they paid many $$$$ for the same kind of fotos from a professional photographer (including prints, of course)...but the fotos I took are MUCH BETTER:)  Who'da thunk?

...and then Frugal Fotos by Lori was born...By appointment, I will take fotos of your loved ones in natural settings (currently limited to beaches and parks in the area where I live).  I will then download the unedited fotos onto a CD or DVD and they are yours to keep.

It truly is that EASY:)